Mitsubishi launches a new competitor in the SUV category. Get to know the new Outlander Sport with us

Posted on: 2024-06-11 12:44:33

Diamond Motors, the local agent for Mitsubishi, launches the all-new X-Force sub-compact crossover SUV in the Egyptian market, through a sound and light show in the Pyramids area. The new car thus joins the Japanese brand’s lineup in the Egyptian market, which consists of the Eclipse. The Cross,

Mitsubishi and the X-O game to promote the new car

Mitsubishi had launched a few days ago a marketing campaign for its new car inspired by the classic game Fun, interaction and anticipation for the launch and unveiling of the new car.

The power and performance of the new Mitsubishi car

It is known that the new car Rotating, this engine is connected to a CVT automatic transmission, a front-wheel drive system, and the wheels are 18 inches.
The new Mitsubishi comes with a length of 4390 mm, a width of 1810 mm, and a height of 1660 mm with a wheelbase of 2650 mm.

New Mitsubishi specifications and interior equipment

The new car combines a combination of ground clearance, a versatile four-wheel drive system, and a variety of modern features that make it a strong competitor in its class.
The new car also has a variety of interior equipment, the most prominent of which is a 12.3-inch infotainment system display, an 8-inch digital instrument screen, and a Yamaha Premium dynamic audio system consisting of 8 speakers.
The information and entertainment screen in the new Mitsubishi car allows connection to a smartphone with the Weblink system, which displays applications on the larger screen.
The screen also contains multi-tool functions and is divided into three sections. Passengers in the car can connect their devices to the USB Type-A and Type-C ports or use the front wireless charger.

The new Mitsubishi is distinguished by its attractive colors, as it is offered in the Egyptian market in a range of distinct colors consisting of 8 colors, most notably red, black, yellow and grey.

Features of the car's internal storage unit capacity

The new car, which is currently being launched in the Egyptian market, has a large storage space. The company stated that the car’s owners and passengers can place twenty-one plastic bottles with a capacity of a little less than a liter in the doors, the floor console, and other compartments. It also contains a console box with a cooler for drinks. .

New Mitsubishi prices

The launch of the new Outlander Sport by Diamond Motors Company, the local agent in Egypt for the Japanese brand Mitsubishi, represents a new, modern and contemporary departure for the cars of the famous Japanese international brand Mitsubishi to the land of the rising sun, Planet Japan.

Diamond Motors has set the prices of the first category, high line, at about one million and 375 thousand pounds, while the prices of the second category, premium line, has set at about one million and 450 thousand pounds.

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